Big data – changing the way the world uses business information.

We use industry-standard tools and test-driven development to deliver innovative and stable solutions for your Big Data needs.  Whether you are in healthcare, insurance, digital media, retail, telecommunications, financial services, or another data-driven market, our smart IT team will assist you in meeting your unique business challenges.

Big Data Solutions

Data Collection

Among small to large business enterprises, Big Data collection holds extreme significance as this process enhances business intelligence and optimizes marketing plans. MBUZZ will help your business create a customized data collection strategy to address the needs of your enterprise.

Big Data Solutions Provider

Data Processing

Our Team analyzes big data sets at an even petabyte scale. Off-line batch data is processed at full power and full scale, tackling arbitrary business intelligence use cases, whereas real-time stream processing is executed on the most current slice of data for profiling to pick outliers.


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