So much more than just a Scanner !!

CZUR launched A domestically-orientated smartbook scanner CZUR Aura. CZUR Aura is making it unique from its many equivalents out there. This hardware will revolutionize the present day office applications. It has come to ratify issues that most existing scanners have, like slow scanning speed and sub-optimal clarity. Aura doesn’t take up space in your home or office because of it’s effortless to fold. Though, you will need a space for the scanning mat whenever you need to scan.

This L-shaped Smart Scanner is foldable, making it a smart choice for people with small spaces in their home or work office. Attached to the main body, the base, is made of metal. It is like a hallowed out rectangle with the central units inside.

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CZUR Aura looks like a desk lamp, with LED lights that you can turn on and off, just like a standard desk lamp. Aura harnesses 14MP HD camera, powered by Panasonic that snaps photos under scan in high quality.

About CZUR

CZUR is a high-tech company founded in 2013. We focus on Smart Hardware Solutions for Enterprises and Individuals. We aim to create smart office appliances that include the latest technologies and human touch. And Our innovations fundamentally improve work efficiency in office environments. Finally, we entered the office equipment sector with a Smart Scanner Solution that effectively resolved a challenge that has disappointed office workers for over 30 years.  MBUZZ signs the Middle East, Africa region Distribution with CZUR

The CZUR Aura Helps You Create, Scan and Store All Your Work at the Comfort of Your Desk

Scan Book, Magazine,  Drawing, Picture, Blueprint, Receipt and so on. User-Friendly Software Interface Smart Design, Simple to Use. Scan up to A3 in size for single sheets. Scan anything from documents, drawings,contracts and notes to newspapers, books and photos.

Book Scanning Is as Easy as Turning a Page

CZUR Smart Book Scanner revolutionizes scanning experience by bringing simple, intelligent and fast scanning performance.

Aura is different, smart, sophisticated, and reliable. It is here to serve the modern fast world with its uniqueness and high demand features, unlike the traditional flatbed scanners.


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