Profitap solutions accelerate network analytics and incident response with a wide range of high-density Network TAPs, Packet Brokers, and field service troubleshooters, ProfiTAP is the ideal solution designed to provide complete visibility and access to your network for traffic capture and network troubleshooting. It also helps eliminate network downtime, add security to existing and new networks all over the world, assist in lawful interception applications, and reduce network complexity. Highly performant, secure, and user-friendly, Profitap solutions provide complete visibility and access to your network, 24/7.

All of ProfiTAP network visibility solutions — from Network TAPs and portable capture devices to network traffic analyzers —Network Packet Brokers are designed with security, forensics, deep packet capture, and network & application performance monitoring sectors in mind.

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Network Taps  for Traffic Access

Fiber TAPs:

ProfiTAP fiber TAPs provide secure in-line network access for the monitoring of 1–400 Gbps fiber networks. By splitting the light flowing on the network link, fiber TAPs deliver an exact copy of the data for real-time monitoring and analysis, without disrupting the network. Passive fiber optic TAPs require no power, and therefore introduce no point of failure when deployed in a network.

LC Fiber TAPs, MTP Fiber TAPs, BiDi Fiber TAPs, SC Fiber TAPs, Regeneration TAPs, Portable Fiber TAPs

Copper TAPs:

ProfiTAP Copper TAPs provide complete access and visibility into your network by creating an exact copy of full-duplex 10M/100M/1G/10G traffic at wire speed with no impact to the network link. ProfiTAP Copper TAPs introduce no point of failure to the network. They are designed for redundant powering, which allows a second power supply to activate if the first were to become unavailable. In case of complete power loss, ProfiTAP Copper TAPs guarantee that the link remains operational by instantly switching to a fully passive mode. To maintain the network connection and prevent any interruption in traffic flow, all ProfiTAP Active Copper TAPs feature the No Break fail-safe functionality.

Bypass TAPs:

Bypass TAPs provide fail-safe access for active in-line network security and performance tools. In the event that an active in-line tool becomes unavailable, either due to a hardware malfunction, power loss, software problem, or planned maintenance, bypass TAPs ensure the network link stays operational.

10G Bypass TAP, 40G Bypass TAP, 4x10G Bypass TAP

Regeneration TAPs:

Regeneration Fiber TAPs allow the tapping of fiber optic networks, while mitigating the power reduction of the optical signal that results from splitting. The LC Regeneration TAP regenerates the signal of both the network and monitor ports. The Dual and Quad LC Regeneration TAPs regenerate the signal of the monitor ports in order to provide multiple copies of the network traffic while only splitting the network link’s signal once.

LC Regeneration TAP, Dual LC Regeneration TAP, Quad LC Regeneration TAP

Aggregation TAPs:

Aggregation TAPs designed for lossless traffic aggregation from multiple in-line links or out-of-band connections into a single output, optimizing port usage on monitoring tools.

Profitap Booster also operates as a speed converter, which allows you to connect tools that support different speeds together. For example, the Booster brings 10M, 100M, and 1G support on Network Packet Brokers and analysis tools that do not support speeds below 10G.

Network Packet Broker for Optimizing Data flow

A Network Packet Broker (NPB) is a device that optimizes the flow of traffic between TAP and SPAN connections and network monitoring, security and acceleration tools. By maintaining a many-to-many (M:M) port mapping of network ports to monitoring ports, they can direct network traffic efficiently, and filters can be applied to optimize bandwidth usage on the network. This also means that the performance of out-of-band tools increases as they receive only actionable data.

Network architectures are constantly becoming more complex and distributed, and so are network speeds, volumes of data, and traffic. Network Packet Brokers help you optimize the performance of your monitoring and security tools across the entire network by giving each tool the right packet data, which results in an increase of network efficiency while reducing your costs. The Profitap XX-Series and X2-Series Network Packet Brokers are high-end versatile solutions, bringing you the power and flexibility of network traffic management.

XX-Series Features:

All XX-Series Network Packet Brokers offer powerful features, such as aggregation, replication, filtering, and load balancing.

X2-Series Features:

Aggregation, Replication, Load Balancing, Filtering, Packet Slicing, GTP IP Filtering, Timestamping, Packet Deduplication, ERSPAN Tunneling & De-tunneling.

IOTA Network Traffic capture & Analysis

IOTA is a complete network analysis and troubleshooting solution for a variety of use cases in small, mid-size enterprises, remote sites, and small data centers. It is a versatile integrated solution, combining TAP, storage, and analysis capabilities in a single portable device.

Easy to configure without the need for on-site technical staff, IOTA provides flexibility that allows it to be deployed at any key capture points in the network. IOTA gives detailed network traffic visibility to critical applications and data, allowing you to obtain real-time and historical network traffic without affecting the network performance and security. Network issues such as network performance problems and application issues can be resolved quickly using IOTA, through full packet and metadata analysis. IOTA’s combination of features in a single, compact device makes it a complete network capture and analysis solution, and essential addition to any network engineer’s toolkit.

IOTA Helps :
  • Monitor Network Performance: Keep a close eye on the most essential performance metrics, retransmissions, packet loss, latency, throughput, connectivity and more.
  • Track Down Security Flaws And Protocol/Application Usage: Full visibility over 200+ applications and protocols (DNS, HTTP, SSH, Office 365, Skype, Netflix, etc.)
  • Monitor Remote Sites & Branch Offices: Fully managed over HTTPS and with built-in VPN, it offers easy deployment and usage in any network topology.
  • Keep An Eye On Your Network : Monitor hosts, top talkers, bandwidth, latency, TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, DNS and many more at a glance, using a premade set of comprehensive dashboards.




IOTA 10G +

ProfiShark Network Traffic capture & Analysis

ProfiSharks are portable traffic capture devices that provide quick packet-level insight anywhere they are deployed. With capture regardless of packet rate and high-quality hardware timestamping, ProfiShark delivers high fidelity capture files, forming an ideal starting point for troubleshooting or network forensics. Designed for easy, non-intrusive traffic capture, ProfiShark offers a valuable improvement over less performant options, such as SPAN ports on a switch or direct capture on a laptop. They give reliable insight into the network, ensuring the quality of analysis, and optimizing workflow, without dropping any packets.

Connected via USB to a host PC or laptop, in-line or out-of-band traffic can be forwarded directly to packet analyzer software, like Wireshark, or stored to disk. To ensure optimum network protection, the monitored network is physically separated from the management interface. The capture control and hardware settings can be managed via the included ProfiShark Manager application.

Profi Shark Helps you to :
  • Quickly Get Packet-Level Insight: ProfiShark enables complete data capture in a portable form factor. This means you can deploy rapidly anywhere, and capture the traffic data you need, with no performance impact on your production network.
  • Get Trace Files You Can Rely On: To help optimize your analysis workflow and consume less disk storage, ProfiShark offers packet slicing capabilities, making sure you only get actionable data.
  • Get Transparent and Non-Intrusive Access: Capture network data without impacting security or performance. The ProfiShark and host PC will not show up as a node on the network. Network connection is maintained, even when power to the ProfiShark is disconnected. ProfiShark is set up to passthrough PoE.
  • Get The Timestamp Accuracy You Need: Accurate timestamping is essential for the analysis of performance metrics like TCP flow throughput, delay, and jitter. ProfiShark offers models with down to 5ns hardware timestamping, and advanced GPS/PPS timestamping features on the + models.

ProfiShark 100M

ProfiShark 1G

ProfiShark 1G+

ProfiShark 10G

ProfiShark 10G+