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be quiet! is a German premium brand of power supplies, PC cases, water and air cooling and fans for desktop PCs. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of quiet hardware for computers, be quiet! offers virtually inaudible as well as extremely performant products in worldclass quality.

Since its foundation in 2001, all be quiet! products are conceived and designed in Germany. The development takes place in close cooperation with our locations in Asia. The final quality control also takes place at our headquarters near Hamburg. This is how be quiet! ensures that every product meets our high standards.

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The main difference lies in their target performance and features. The Straight Power series is designed for high performance and low noise, suitable for demanding systems. In contrast, the Dark Power Pro series represents the high-end range, offering superior efficiency, modular cabling, and extremely low noise levels, making it ideal for enthusiasts and overclockers looking for the best performance and flexibility.

The choice depends on your cooling needs and budget. The Dark Rock series is designed for high-performance cooling, suitable for overclocked and high-TDP processors, with a focus on extremely low noise levels. The Pure Rock series offers good performance at a more budget-friendly price, making it ideal for standard builds that don't require the maximum cooling capacity.

The Dark Base cases are high-end, offering extensive modularity, premium features such as adjustable motherboard trays and versatile cooling options, and superior noise reduction, catering to enthusiasts and professionals. The Silent Base series, while still focused on providing a quiet environment, emphasizes ease of installation and good airflow, making it suitable for a wide range of users, including those looking for a balance between performance and quiet operation.

Thermal paste is crucial for ensuring efficient heat transfer between your CPU and cooler, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance. be quiet! thermal paste is formulated for high thermal conductivity and durability, ensuring reliable and effective cooling for your CPU, which is particularly important for maintaining the stability and longevity of your system, especially under heavy loads.