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Seamless System Integration Solutions

Lay the foundation with essential configuration, assembly, and testing, to ensure your systems are ready for action.  Elevate your integration with advanced setup and testing, delivering a standardized, high-performance solution.

Solutions Involved

Centralized Integration

Upgrades, Assembly and System build offering at MBUZZ Global Integration Centres

On-site Integration

We go beyond the basics to provide comprehensive solutions.

Complex Integration

We offer Configure to Order options, tailoring every aspect to your specifications.


Centralized Integration

Our Centralised Integration Solutions ensure that our clients receive a seamless, ready-to-use computing solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Operating out of our state-of-the-art Global Integration Centers located in Dabab, KSA, and Dubai, UAE, we offer a suite of services and solutions that set the foundation for robust and efficient computing operations.

System Builds
Server Integration
Laptop Upgrades
OS Installation
Legacy Upgrades

Cluster and IPMI

RAID Setup

Racking and Stacking

Power Management

Design Validation

Risk Mitigation

Mbuzz Labs

Complex Integration

We offer Configure to Order options, tailoring every aspect to your specifications. Our experts excel in custom racking and cabling, ensuring optimal connectivity and efficiency. We provide in-depth operating system customization, accommodate customer site-specific data loads, and implement custom test automation, ensuring your system aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.

Mbuzz Labs

On-site Integration

Experience heightened integration proficiency with MBUZZ's comprehensive solutions delivered directly to your premises. From meticulous environment testing to precise system upgrades and seamless data transfer, our seasoned team ensures tailored integration solutions of the utmost quality. Whether within high-security government offices or specialized environments, entrust MBUZZ for professional on-site integration services.

On-site Integration: Real World Solutions

Explore how MBUZZ delivers seamless integration solutions directly to your premises

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