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Wireless and Networking

The ICT network plays a crucial role within the entire ICT infrastructure and is often underestimated. Here at MBUZZ something so critical is never underestimated. Our solutions guarantee you a reliable and scalable ICT network. Whether it’s for one store, or for a one-thousand-employee fulfillment center, we at MBUZZ will build the right networking solutions from the start. Our best of breed wireless and networking portfolio, coupled with our team of supplier specialists, removes any frustrating, time-consuming guesswork. Our technical and sales expertise is unmatched.

Our Network Consultants specialize in network solutions from AirLive, Asus, EdgeCore, EnGenius, Supermicro, Kaloom and Rosenberger. As a result of these specialists and extensive experience, MBUZZ has obtained exclusive distributorship for these brands in this region. From basic switching or routing to software-defined networking, MBUZZ has solutions to meet the requirements of companies of all sizes

MBUZZ is your go-to partner for Wireless Solution. Whether you’re looking for indoor WAPs, campus WLAN, outdoor coverage or point to point connectivity; we have it all. Position yourself for success by providing your customers with a complete solution. MBUZZ is among the most well-known EnGenius wireless products distributor in this region

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