Experience Center

Explore. Engage. Empower.

Discover innovation and explore advanced technologies at the MBUZZ Experience Center. Our dynamic hub invites you to dive into AI, Gaming, High-Performance Computing, and more.

Engage hands-on with the latest products and solutions from our partnered vendors through interactive exhibits and live virtual demonstrations. Experience the transformative power of technology and gain invaluable insights into its capabilities and applications.

Key Highlights

Advanced L&D Hub

In Dubai's vibrant heart, our 2,000 sq. ft. hub features cutting-edge learning and development solutions.

Certified Professionals

Our trained and certified professionals lead classes and hands-on demo sessions.

Product Showcase

Products are displayed for customer interaction, allowing real-time exploration of features and capabilities.

Hands-on Demo

Visitors can try products themselves, through demo sessions, in partnership with vendors.

Online Sessions

View live streaming demos during interactive sessions, and watch training videos on demand.

Virtual Environment

Advanced KVM-powered virtual training environment for hands-on software/hardware exploration.

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Elevating Skills, Empowering Futures

MBUZZ Excellence is your gateway to skill elevation. Dive into our hive of innovation, learn from industry maestros, and earn certifications that stand as a testament to your expertise and dedication.

Upcoming Events

Supermicro AI Product Training

Date: 21-05-2024
Topic: Get to know more about Supermicro AI Products n partnership with NVIDIA
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Crafting Connections, Shaping Stories

At MBUZZ Media, we're more than just a platform—we're your brand's storyteller, connector, and engagement catalyst. With targeted promotions, impactful collaborations, and captivating content, we bring your product narratives to life and forge connections that resonate across digital landscapes. Let us amplify your brand's voice and engage with audiences like never before.

Promos & Campaigns

With targeted campaigns and impactful promotions, we ensure the message resonates loud and clear across the digital universe.


Extending beyond partnerships to unite with influencers, brands, and creatives, enhancing reach and impact.

Content Creation

Our content wizards craft narratives that captivate, inspire, and engage, turning viewers into ardent followers and loyal advocates.

Maximize Reach

Discover how MBUZZ Experience Center can
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