What We Deliver

Artificial Intelligence
Applying data analytics and AI with our wide range of Artificial Intelligence services.
Cloud enables you to set up a secure, agile and scalable IT environment with a minimal upfront infrastructure.
Cyber security
With our extensive network, we will find a competitive and efficient solution for your next assignment.
MBUZZ is an ICT solution leader in mobile networks, fixed networks, satellite, and other telecommunications.
Server and Storage
We will help you to set up and maintain your servers for emails, databases, AV files, domains, etc.
Data Center
A well-managed, secure and efficient Data Center can help your organization perform optimally.
Networking solutions that create stronger connections with customers, partners, and employees.
Document Imaging
Businesses area unit was moving to electronic document storage. Finding the proper document imaging resolution
SDN brings massive scalability and high programmability to the data centers and wide area networks.

We are honoured to be a leading  Value Added Distributor in the field of Information Technology

Latest News.

Supermicron appoints mbuzz

01 May

Supermicro – appoints MBUZZ

Supermicro - the Global leader in high performance and efficiency server technology appoints KSA based Solution leader MBUZZ&...