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Custom Workstation Installations by MBUZZ

At MBUZZ, we understand that every business has unique computing needs. That's why we offer custom workstation installations specifically designed to meet the precise requirements of our clients. Whether you need a powerful graphic design workstation or a scalable server solution, our team of experts will work closely with you to design and implement a system that meets your specifications.

Our Workstations Range: Power Meets Precision

At MBUZZ, we offer various workstations catering to different professional needs and preferences. Our portfolio includes:
1. Tower Workstations
    • Small Form Factor Workstations
2. Rackmount Workstations.
3. Portable.

Business Units

Product Categories

1. Tower Workstations

Workstations, Desktops, Gaming PCs, and SFF (Small form factor) PCs fall under this category. MBUZZ Offers ideal solution/brand for a Tower PC based on various factors,

    Tower with Desktop CPUs

    Based on the type and number of GPUs that these CPUs are paired with, the Tower PC options to go for are as follows:

    • Primary Desktop with no GPU or SFF GPUs.
    • Gaming PC or Workstation with one or more GeForce or Radeon GPUs.
    • Pro Workstation with single RTX or Radeon Pro GPU.
    • High-end Workstation with two or more RTX or Radeon Pro GPUs.

    Workstation CPUs have the same architecture as regular desktop-grade CPUs but have advanced features such as support for ECC or registered memory, higher core counts, and more PCIe lanes.
    Max Memory Capacity: 256 GB - 4 TB

    • We have the Xeon W branding for Intel with a recommended Supermicro option and an alternate Custom PC option.
    • AMD has the Ryzen Threadripper or Threadripper PRO branding with a Recommended option of Custom PC/Supermicro.

    These are CPUs primarily designed for servers and can have dual-processor options in a single system.
    Max Memory Capacity: 512 GB - 8 TB.

    • Intel has the Xeon branding (except W) like Silver, Gold, Scalable, etc.
    • AMD has the EPYC branding with a recommended option, Supermicro, and the alternate choice is Custom PC.

    2. Rackmount/Server

    MBUZZ offers two solutions for Rackmount PCs

    • Branded Servers from ASUS and Supermicro.
    • MBUZZ Labs custom assembled Servers: Uses off-the-shelf components MBUZZ partnered vendors.

    3. Portable

    Compact and Portable Computers with ‘Mobile’ CPUs

    • Laptops
    • Mini PCs
    • All in Ones / AIO PCs

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