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At MBUZZ, we understand the complexity of modern IT infrastructures and the challenges businesses face in keeping up with the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Our Professional Services team is dedicated to providing expert guidance and tailored solutions to help you achieve your desired outcomes, whether it's optimizing your network, implementing cutting-edge computing solutions, or maximizing the potential of your storage systems.

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Enterprise Network

Backbone of Business Success

In today's digital age, a robust and efficient network infrastructure is crucial for maintaining business continuity and enabling seamless operations. Our Professional Services team specializes in designing, implementing, and optimizing enterprise-grade network solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Next Frontier of Computational Efficiency

Harness the full potential of high-performance computing (HPC) with MBUZZ's specialized HPC and cluster configuration services. Our seasoned professionals excel in designing, deploying, and managing HPC environments tailored to your computational needs, ensuring unparalleled speed, scalability, and efficiency.


Efficient Data Storage and Management Solutions

In the age of big data, effective storage and management of vast amounts of information are critical for business operations. Our Professional Services team specializes in designing and implementing robust Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions to ensure secure, reliable, and high-performance data storage.

Our Specialized Approach to AI Datacenter Deployment with NVIDIA

General Preparation

Meticulous planning and configuration of HGX systems, storage networks, and cabling plans ensure a smooth deployment process.

On-site Preparation

Site surveys, floor space optimization, cabinet location optimization, and PDU installation lay the groundwork for efficient deployment.

Physical Deployment

Installation of HGX systems, networking equipment, and management nodes, followed by meticulous cable deployment.

Logical Configuration

Applying system images, configuring switches, and validating connectivity ensure optimal performance.

Testing & Validation

Includes network validation, unit testing, and stress testing, ensures the reliability and stability of the infrastructure.

Site Documentation

Comprehensive documentation provides detailed insights into hardware and logical configurations


Unleash the Potential of AI with Cutting-Edge Datacentre Solutions

Experience unparalleled AI datacentre solutions through MBUZZ's strategic partnership with NVIDIA. Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of datacentre deployment, from meticulous planning and preparation to seamless physical and logical configuration, testing, and validation.

With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and innovation, MBUZZ delivers cutting-edge AI infrastructure tailored to your specific needs.

DGX Implementation Partner
HGX Implementation Partner

Data Centre Service Catalogue

DC Planning 

Involves meticulous preparation, including configuration file creation, cabling planning, and switch setup, alongside a streamlined pre-stage plan for efficient deployment.

Configuration PreparationCreation of configuration files for HGX systems and storage networks, alongside switch configuration preparation.
Deployment PlanningPlanning and execution of pre-stage plans, including HGX imaging preparation and switch OS/Firmware pre-installation.
Connectivity Layout PlanningPreparation of cabling plan, port-to-port cable labelling, and cable bundling for organized and efficient management.

Site design

Site design focuses on optimizing the physical layout and infrastructure of the datacentre environment. This includes conducting thorough site surveys to map cable lengths, identify potential risks, and develop plans for cable replacement if necessary. 

Site SurveyConducting a thorough assessment of cable lengths, potential risks, and developing a plan for cable replacement if needed.
Floor Space OptimizationMaximizing efficiency by optimizing floor space within the datacenter to accommodate infrastructure requirements.
Cabinet Location OptimizationStrategically placing cabinets to optimize space utilization and accessibility for maintenance and upgrades.
PDU Installation PlanningPlanning Power Distribution Units (PDUs) installation to facilitate efficient power distribution and management within the datacenter.
Port-to-Port MappingMapping all ports to their corresponding connections to ensure accurate documentation and troubleshooting capabilities.

Rack and PDU Installation

Comprehensive installation of racks, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), and associated hardware to facilitate efficient datacenter operations. Additionally, the deployment of HGX systems, switches, and management nodes is included, alongside cleaning and material disposal tasks.

Cabinet Location OptimizationOptimizing cabinet locations for efficient space utilization and accessibility.
PDU InstallationInstalling Power Distribution Units (PDUs) for efficient power management.
Port-to-Port Cable LabelingLabeling cables at both ends for easy identification of port connections.
Cable Walk & LayingNeat cable management ensures minimal tangling through straightening, while Velcro and masking tapes secure tidy and organized cable routing.
Port-to-Port Cable TerminationTerminating cables at both ends to establish port-to-port connections.
Cable BundlingBundling cables together to streamline management and reduce clutter.
Fiber Tray Slack ManagementManaging slack in fiber trays to maintain optimal cable organization.

Server Racking & Stacking

This process involves expert placement and alignment of server hardware, including HGX systems, within designated racks, facilitated by our dedicated server lift for precise and safe installation.

Basic Server InstallationInstallation of server hardware including rails, racking (1U to 2U)
IPMI ConfigurationImplementation of IPMI for remote management and monitoring
Power Cord Connection & LabelingProper power cord connection to PDUs with clear labeling
POST TestingPerforming Power-On Self-Test (POST) to ensure hardware functionality

Network Rollout

 Implementation of network infrastructure components, including switches, management nodes, and cabling, to establish a robust and reliable network framework within the datacenter environment.

Deploy switchesInstallation and configuration of switches to facilitate network connectivity and communication.
Install management nodesDeployment of management nodes for centralized network management and control.
Deploy cablesInstallation of cables to establish connectivity between network devices and infrastructure components.
Slack management and locationManagement of cable slack to ensure neatness and organization within the datacenter environment.
Ethernet network deploymentSetup and configuration of Ethernet networks to enable seamless data transmission and communication.
Cleaning and material disposalPost-deployment cleanup to maintain a clean and orderly datacenter environment, including waste material disposal.

Logical Configuration – Servers

This service involves the logical configuration of Servers, HGX systems, starting with the application of system images to ensure proper setup and functionality. Subsequently, connectivity is verified to confirm seamless integration within the network infrastructure.

Apply system imageImplementation of system images to initialize and configure HGX systems according to predefined specifications.
Connectivity VerificationThorough validation of connectivity to ensure HGX systems are properly integrated into the network environment.

Logical Configuration – Network

 In this service, the network infrastructure undergoes logical configuration, beginning with the application of the latest firmware and software updates to enhance performance and security. Switches are configured to optimize network operations, and Unified Fabric Manager (UFM) installation and configuration ensure centralized network management.

Apply the latest firmware and softwareDeployment of the most recent firmware and software updates to enhance the functionality and security of the network.
Apply switch configuringConfiguration of switches to optimize network performance, ensuring seamless communication and data transmission.
UFM installation and configurationInstallation and setup of Unified Fabric Manager for centralized network management, monitoring, and configuration.

Logical Configuration – Cable Validation

 This service focuses on validating the physical connectivity and configuration of cables within the network infrastructure. Testing and validation are conducted to confirm proper physical connections, configuration settings, topology, and overall cable connectivity.

Test, validate, and confirm physical connectivityEnsuring the physical connections of cables are properly established and functional within the network infrastructure.
Test, validate, and confirm the configurationValidating and confirming the configuration settings of cables to ensure they align with the network requirements.
Topology verificationVerifying the network topology to ensure it matches the intended design and architecture for optimal performance.
Cable connectivity verificationVerifying the connectivity of cables to ensure seamless communication and data transmission across the network.

Testing and Validation

This service involves rigorous testing and validation procedures to ensure the reliability, functionality, and performance of the deployed infrastructure. Network validation, HGX unit testing, and connectivity testing are conducted to verify proper operation, along with HGX-Storage network connectivity testing for seamless data transfer. Additionally, system operational validation, stress, and stability testing are performed to assess overall performance and identify potential issues.

Network validationThorough validation of the network to ensure proper connectivity, communication, and data transmission across the infrastructure.
HGX unit testingTesting individual HGX units to verify functionality, performance, and compatibility with the network environment.
HGX connectivity testingVerification of connectivity between HGX units and network components to ensure seamless integration and operation.
HGX-Storage network connectivity testingTesting connectivity between HGX systems and storage networks to ensure efficient data transfer and storage access.
System operational validationValidation of system operation through burning tests and benchmark testing to assess performance and functionality under various conditions.
Stress and Stability TestingEvaluation of system stability and performance under stress conditions to identify potential issues and ensure reliability.

Site Documentation Package

 This comprehensive documentation package provides detailed insights into the deployed infrastructure, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ease of maintenance. It includes detailed hardware configurations, port-to-port mapping, and logical configuration documentation. Additionally, hardware health tracking, unit validation reports, cluster validation test reports, end-of-day reports, and documentation of outstanding issues are included for comprehensive tracking and management.

Detailed HW configurationComprehensive documentation detailing the hardware configurations of the deployed infrastructure components.
Port-to-port mappingDetailed mapping of ports to their corresponding connections within the network infrastructure for accurate documentation.
Detailed logical configurationDocumentation outlining the logical configurations of the network infrastructure for reference and troubleshooting.
Hardware health trackerTracking and monitoring the health and performance metrics of hardware components for proactive maintenance and troubleshooting.
Unit validations reportReports detailing the validation and testing results of individual units to ensure proper functionality and performance.
Cluster validation test reportReports summarizing the results of cluster validation tests to verify the integrity and performance of clustered systems.
End-of-day reportDaily reports providing a summary of activities, issues, and progress made during the day for effective management and tracking.
Outstanding issuesDocumentation of any outstanding issues or tasks that require attention or resolution for ongoing maintenance and improvement.
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