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Welcome to the MBUZZ Experience Center, where innovation and exploration converge to create an immersive journey through advanced technologies. Our center is a dynamic hub, inviting visitors to delve deep into AI, High-Performance Computing, and beyond.

Step into a world where learning is hands-on, and engagement is paramount. Our interactive exhibits display the latest and the most advanced products | Solutions and empower visitors to participate and actively experience firsthand the transformative power of technology. Every feature is meticulously curated to foster sophisticated learning and inspire forward-thinking, from tactile encounters with AI-driven solutions to live virtual demonstrations that transcend geographical boundaries.

Through hands-on demos and interactive sessions, visitors gain invaluable insights into the capabilities and potential applications of the showcased advancements.

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Our Capabilites

The MBUZZ Experience Center is a beacon of innovation and learning at the forefront of technological convergence. Engineered to inspire and educate, our center boasts interactive exhibits showcasing products and the future of digital solutions.

Our Envision Takes Center Stage at

MBUZZ-Solution Labs

A custom‐built virtual training and demo environment running on KVM for experiencing the UI/UX and performance of various software and hardware offerings.

What is MBUZZ-Solutions Labs ?

MBUZZ Solutions Labs is where innovation is not just demonstrated—it’s experienced. Powered by Kernel‐Based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology, our custom‐built virtual training and demo environment is a testament to flexibility and efficiency. Each virtual ME product deployment springs to life within a self‐contained ecosystem, featuring virtual hosts, routers, switches, and infrastructure—all meticulously orchestrated within the robust architecture of our bare metal hypervisors.

We grant exceptional autonomy for demonstrations, allowing users to commandeer all resources for demonstrations, training, PoCs, feature testing, and sales training/Self-learning.

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Integrated Solutions

We emphasize the seamless integration of products and services across various manufacturers and solution providers to provide holistic solutions. With MBUZZ Solutions Labs, the promise of a personalized, pristine learning environment becomes a reality. A freshly minted demo or training environment is automatically created when users initiate a virtual ME session. Here are crucial elements associated with Experience Centers for integrated solutions:

The center showcases end-to-end solutions that integrate multiple products and services. Visitors can witness how these components work together seamlessly to address specific problems or fulfill particular requirements.

Emphasis is placed on creating connected ecosystems where different technologies and solutions collaborate.

The Experience Center presents practical use case scenarios to demonstrate how integrated solutions can be applied in real-world situations.

Integrated solutions are often designed to cater to multiple industries.

Visitors may have the opportunity to explore customization options for integrated solutions.