Advanced Workstations

Mbuzz Labs

Engineering Workstations

Engineering requires precision and innovation that are paramount, and at MBUZZ Labs, we're committed to providing you with the technical prowess to excel in the field of AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations) with our custom-built servers and workstations.


Specialised Solutions for

Architecture & CAD Visualization

Rendering workstations engineered to transform architectural blueprints into living, breathing digital realities

Photogrammetry & GIS

MBUZZ provides you with the advanced capabilities needed to capture and analyze geographical data with unmatched accuracy.

CFD and Simulation

Designed to run complex simulations and analyses, including structural analysis, energy modelling, and environmental simulations.
Mbuzz Labs

Content Creation

At MBUZZ Labs, we understand the immense power of creativity, and that's why we're dedicated to providing you with the most advanced tools and solutions for content creation. Our range covers everything from high-performance components to top-of-the-line custom workstations and servers, tailored to support every facet of your creative journey.

Specialised Solutions for

Photo & Video Editing

Custom workstations with comprehensive range of colour-accurate monitors & storage solutions.

3D Animation & Rendering

Bring your imagination to life with seamless rendering capabilities.

Digital Audio Solutions

MBUZZ Labs Custom DAWs enable you to compose and produce music with precision and clarity.

Video Wall Workstations

Video wall workstations capable of driving up to 32 4K displays in a single node.

Customized Workstations

We are specialised in customized Workstations tailored to your exact specifications.