Case Escalation Process

Our structured approach to support case escalation ensures prompt resolution of customer issues. With three levels of escalation in place, we prioritize timely responses and resolutions within MBUZZ SLA parameters.


  • Stakeholder accountability for issue resolution
  • 24x7 access to technical support
  • One-hour priority response to technical support calls
  • Advanced replacement or onsite repair for hardware

Through this process, we prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring timely and effective resolution of support cases.

Service Level Guidelines

Our Service Level Guidelines outline the response times and follow-up procedures for addressing different severity levels of issues reported by our customers. This structured approach ensures timely resolution and effective communication throughout the support process.

These guidelines ensure that issues are addressed promptly and appropriately based on their severity level, maintaining high standards of customer support and satisfaction.

Escalation Process

Our escalation process ensures that support issues are addressed promptly and effectively, with clear protocols in place for escalating issues to higher levels of expertise when necessary. This structured approach helps us maintain high standards of customer satisfaction and resolution efficiency.

**Days the case will be with the Support Level Engineer 


The MBUZZ support case escalation process is designed to ensure prompt and effective resolution of customer issues. By adhering to a structured escalation framework and clear service level guidelines, we strive to maintain high standards of customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to timely response and resolution, along with defined roles and responsibilities, allows us to handle support issues efficiently and uphold our reputation for excellence. We are dedicated to providing the best possible support experience, ensuring that our customers' needs are met with urgency and expertise.

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