MBUZZ Installs Hyperscaler Data Center with NVIDIA Connectivity

MBUZZ professional services successfully installed a Hyperscaler data center with the necessary cabling and server connection through NVIDIA.

Problem statement:

One of our client, required a professional & reliable installation of cabling and connecting servers to switches.


MBUZZ is an extended partner with NVIDIA for multiple component supply and distribution and also a partner in their PSG( Professional Service Group).

NVIDIA proposed that MBUZZ take upon the cabling, installation, labelling, and plugging of servers into switches tasks.

MBUZZ is a lead solution/ service provider in cabling, installation, and plug servers for many reputed brands and clients.

Proposed component Options:

The task was carried out in two phases.

  1. Phase 1: Connection of servers to switches IB0a
  2. Phase 2: Connecting IB0 to IB1 which has 4 liquid coolers **
Phase 1:

In the initial phase, the technical team from MBUZZ was deployed to the data center to connect the servers to switches in 8 racks.

There were 320 cables to servers, and from servers the cables were installed, leveled, and plugged into IB0 switches.

Phase 2:

In the second phase, the team further connected IB0 switches to IB1, which had four liquid coolers in each, which made it more efficient with the thermal management system during peak performance hours.


Upon successful installation of cables to servers and to switches with the best components available in market the Hyperscaler data center is now;

  1. Completely installed with necessary cables & servers to switches.
  2. The servers can hold heavy/ massive workloads.
  3. Thermal management due to 4 liquid cooler fans within the switches.
  4. It has high performance during peak load hours.
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