Czur Aura – So much more than just a Scanner!!

Czur Aura

CZUR launched a new domestically-orientated smart book scanner with innovative side lights called “Aura”. It will revolutionize present-day home office applications, and will uncertainty helpful in close to home business workplaces as well.


Compact, transportable and light-weight (1.5KG), Aura is packed quickly and brought anyplace. Most existing scanners area unit flatbed scanners and most of them are unable to utterly overcome issues like slow scanning speeds and sub-optimal clarity. Aura not solely includes a novel style, however additionally has high volume scanning and might digitalize a whole book while not cutting the binding. The result’s the flexibility to scan a page in 2 seconds (300 pages in twenty minutes) once digitizing a typical book, abundant quicker than digitizing a book with a typical flatbed scanner. Aura can even settle for totally different varieties of objects like scores and photos.

Czur Aura

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