Comparing BDRSuite to Competitors: A Cost-Effectiveness Perspective

Comparing BDRSuite to Competitors: A Cost-Effectiveness Perspective

A robust backup and disaster recovery system is essential for just about any enterprise today, regardless of its size and industry. All businesses, but in particular smaller companies or companies with limited resources, prefer implementing cost-effective solutions that are high performing, stable, and reliable. This is where BDRSuite comes in.

About Vembu BDRSuite:

“BDRSuite is a Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Backup & Recovery Software designed to protect data across Data Center/Private Cloud (VMware, Hyper-V, Windows, Linux, Applications & Databases), Public Cloud (AWS), SaaS (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace), and Endpoints (Windows, Mac)”.

BDRSuite has received high praise from real users on PeerSpot, a platform where users can review and discuss various technology solutions. Users have shared that BDRSuite is very affordable, helping their organization to easily and effectively secure their valuable data. Additionally, users have noted that they see significant savings in both time and manpower. This makes BDRSuite an attractive option for businesses of all sizes, especially those with limited resources.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring the features of BDRSuite that make it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to protect their data, as well as the real-world benefits that users have experienced. Whether you’re a small business owner or a larger enterprise, this blog will provide valuable insights into why BDRSuite might be the right choice for your organization’s data backup and recovery needs. So, let’s get started!

1. BDRSuite is Competitively Priced

PeerSpot users agree that BDRSuite is much cheaper than most of its counterparts. Reviewers note that this is an excellent product for companies with budget constraints.

As an IT Director at a marketing services firm states, “The solution has excellent affordability for businesses with tight budgets”

PeerSpot reviewers point out that despite the fact that BDRSuite costs half the price, its features are on par with the top BDR systems in the market.

A Network Manager at a tech services company writes that he looked at several products that all had the same features and functionalities as BDRSuite. He writes, “a couple of the products that we were looking at are more than twice the cost of BDRSuite.” He adds, “We’re not a big environment so to pay twice the amount of money for effectively the same solution just didn’t make a lot of sense for us.” He says the solutions that are priced similarly to Vembu offer a much more limited feature set. He noted that the features he needed were mainly VMware and vSphere backups and automation along with access to an API

Rakesh K., a Project Manager at TMI DUBAI, notes, “Price-wise, it is much cheaper than its counterparts…. It is very affordable.” He goes on to say that his customers were astonished that BDRSuite is so inexpensive. He writes, “We were working with a client, and they were looking for backup software and had a very tight budget. When I told them that Vembu is only going to cost around $400 to $500, they were shocked.”

2. Straightforward Licensing Policy

Reviewers say that in addition to its affordable price, BDRSuite’s licensing policy is clear, with flexible subscription options. Users explain that there are several types of licenses – a virtual machine license, a subscription-based model, and a perpetual based model, where the support is renewed every year. This allows users to choose a license model that is the right fit for their company.

Muhammad F., Founder and GM at Go Live, says, “The pricing of BDRSuite is one of its strong points. The license is not as much as other competitors, and it has a variety of licensing options: subscription-based, perpetual licenses, and a virtual machine license.” He explains that,“you can design whatever license that you adopt to your environment, and that can support your environment without extra cost, providing more than you need. So, you can design a license that fits your environment and budget. The pricing is very good and can be used when the budget is tight.”

3. Impressive Return On Investment

BDRSuite’s attractive price contributes greatly to their customers’ ROI. PeerSpot reviewers report seeing returns very early on in the process with BDRSuite.

A Network Manager at a tech services company says, “We have seen ROI. The real return is when something bad happens. All the proof of concept work that we did, all the testing we did, it all panned out for us. We’re already seeing a return on that.”

Reviewers emphasize that for them, part of the ROI is the security knowing that their data is backed up and that in case of a data breach, it can easily be restored.

Muhammad F. explains that, “The ROI is very good because you have the safety of being protected by backing up your data a lot. If an incident happens, then we can restore valuable data, save a lot of money, and preserve the continuity of the business. This is a big benefit which provides a lot of value.”

Another satisfied BDRSuite user, a Project Manager at a manufacturing company, agrees. He writes, “We have seen an ROI in terms of reliability. When we invest in a backup solution for infrastructure backup, it should work at critical times. With BDRSuite, I am able to restore data quickly without any issues.”

Reviewers say that the reliability of BDRSuite is also helpful in creating a more relaxed atmosphere in their company.

The President of DirectNetworks, Inc., describes how he sees the ROI for BDRSuite: “I would guess our tangible ROI was 12-24 months. However, for us, it was more valuable to deploy a solution that provides us confidence in being able to restore, as well as reduce the stress of our engineering team. These are invaluable items that you can’t really put an ROI on.”

4. Effectively Utilize Resources

With BDRSuite, users say that they save money just by reducing manpower and spending less time on manual tasks.

Muhammad F. says that for his company, BDRSuite “speeds up overall operations by 20% to 25%.”

A Manager at North West Carrying Company (NWCC), states, “Vembu saved us time and manpower. It helped our organization to secure valuable data within the organization.”

BDRSuite is one of PeerSpot’s top ranked Backup and Disaster Recovery tools. Reviewers unanimously agree that the value they receive for their money is very high. BDRSuite provides features that every business needs at a significantly lower price than its competitors, along with a solid ROI.