MBUZZ Technologies and Toshiba Gulf Unites

MBUZZ Technologies and Toshiba Gulf Unites

MBUZZ Technologies announce a strategic distribution agreement with Toshiba Gulf FZE on their Storage Solutions. Under the new deal, MBUZZ will distribute Toshiba Surveillance, NAS & Enterprise Storage portfolio in the region.

This partnership aims to transform Smart, Secure Cities by providing advanced storage solutions that meet the rising demand for video storage and compliance with strict regulations. However, the exponential growth of video footage generated by surveillance systems requires reliable, high-capacity storage solutions. That’s where MBUZZ Technologies and Toshiba Gulf come in.

Toshiba Gulf, known for its expertise in storage technology, offers cutting-edge solutions that deliver exceptional performance, scalability, and reliability. Their advanced storage systems efficiently handle and manage vast amounts of video data, meeting the increasing demands of video storage in Smart Cities. Toshiba’s innovative products empower cities to store and manage video footage effectively, enabling efficient analysis and retrieval when required.

MBUZZ’s comprehensive product portfolio allows for unique solutions to be crafted by a specialized product management team and certified IT & Services Team to ensure the best and most practical solution for their customers.

“We are thrilled to represent the Japanese legacy Toshiba and to bring their industry-leading storage solutions to our customers,” said Sabir Saleem, CEO at MBUZZ Technologies. “Combining Toshiba’s cutting-edge technology with our expertise in delivering comprehensive solutions allows us to meet the growing needs and provide our customers with top-of-the-line video storage solutions.”

The collaboration between MBUZZ Technologies and Toshiba Gulf comes at a crucial time when the demand for Smart Secure Cities and reliable video storage solutions is skyrocketing. By leveraging Toshiba’s expertise and MBUZZ’s market presence, this partnership delivers state-of-the-art storage solutions that empower cities to become smarter, safer, and more efficient”

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