A I and V R Are About to Transform

While we have heard the words AI and VR for years, now is the time to understand that they may significantly change your business.

To my understanding, these are only contemporary descriptions of state of the art technologies. The most important topic to discuss for boards, founders and management teams in regards to AI/VR is the inherent new way of communication through digitization. Thought leaders must be aware of this rapidly moving topic.

The tech overlays the real world with virtual objects, which can be manipulated with bodily movements. Rather than engaging with a 2D monitor, Meta lets users interact with digital information in ways we usually reserve for the real world. Just pause for a moment

The rise of artificial intelligence may seem daunting to some. ‘Aren’t robots going to take over the world…we’re all going to be left jobless’, some may anxiously ponder. However, this is very unlikely. We shouldn’t see AI as a threat; we should see it as a blessing.

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