MBUZZ Unveils Integration & Service Labs at Gitex Global 2022

Mbuzz unveils integration & service labs at gitex global 2022

MBUZZ Labs officially launched at Gitex Global 2022, which garnered the most traction during the event, especially from gamers, content creators & professionals. The main focus is building and upgrading custom machines using only the best quality components from top-class manufacturers. MBUZZ Labs provide custom-made solutions ranging from Complete Desktop Setups for AI & Deep Learning, Video Editing, Graphic Designing, Rendering, 3D Designing & Animation, and High-end Gaming.

The continual improvement over the processes and procedures helps to deliver the best to its customers & partners; Experts at MBUZZ Labs follow specific standard testing procedures, including functional and stress tests, to ensure that the builds are of the utmost quality.

This commitment to quality sets MBUZZ Labs apart from the competition and provides our customers are always satisfied. In addition, the team builds professional Workstations or PCs per the user’s requirement and can fulfill bulk orders.

The After Sales Support Team is available to help with any issues with the custom machines. MBUZZ has a dedicated team of on-site support representatives who can help resolve any technical problems and a remote support team that can assist with RMA and warranty issues. No matter the situation, the experts are there to help & solve it.

These services have been top-rated among PC enthusiasts and professionals who require top-of-the-line performance for their work. As a result, MBUZZ Labs constantly strive to improve its offerings and deliver the best possible experience to its partners & customers.

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